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OpenRA Release 20180218 is out
February 18, 2018 - 19:23

We are excited to announce the first OpenRA release of this year!
More than 700 commits from 43 contributors were merged over the last six months, with each commit helping to fix bugs, improve code quality, or add new features that improve the single- and multi-player experience.

The main focus of this development cycle was modernizing core parts of the engine and game code to support the work-in-progress Tiberian Sun mod and other community projects. Thanks to our contributors, and to everybody who tested the playtest and reported bugs! Please note that changes to the way hotkeys are managed mean you will need to redefine any custom hotkeys in the Input settings.

The changes weren’t all behind the scenes; an overhaul of the multiplayer UI added long-requested features:
  • The server browser shows the name/faction/team of connected players
  • The server browser is now also available as a tab in the server lobby
  • The main menu and server browser will notify you if a new release is available
  • The Global Chat has been removed from the server browser and lobby
  • A chat dialog has been added to the in-game menu

The new server player list is one of several improvements to the multiplayer UI.

Of course, we realize that the vast majority of OpenRA players do not play online. We haven’t forgotten about you either! Improvements for the singleplayer experience include:
  • The full Harkonnen campaign in D2K
  • Refinements and improvements to several campaign missions in Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn
  • A fix for the AI cheating when it uses superweapons and support powers
  • Several other changes that should improve the AI behaviour and performance

Improvements to the AI support power targeting mean that this will be a rarer sight.

Other notable changes include:
  • New lobby options to disable bounty, build radius, and re-packing Construction Yards
  • Units will no longer target enemies revealed by the Red Alert GPS Satellite
  • A collection of community-driven balance changes for Red Alert
  • Fixes for many graphical glitches and polish issues
  • Fixes for several platform integration issues on Windows and macOS
  • Further improvements to memory usage and performance

The Map Options tab includes several new settings, and can be customized by scripted maps.

Platform integration fixes include “Pin to taskbar” support on Windows and 64 bit support for macOS.

As always, we suggest you read the full changelog if you’d like more information on the full list of changes.

Now download and head to the battlefield!

Posted by Reaperrr
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Tiberian Sun Client 5.42 has been released!
February 03, 2018 - 20:15

Rampastring has recently announced that a new version of the Tiberian Sun Client has been released. This is a must have for everyone who enjoys playing Tiberian Sun as well as those developing Tiberian Sun mods, since it extends the game features and improves the online experience (with CnCNet). Here's the change log of the version 5.42:

Version 5.42 (February 3, 2018):

  • Updated client (Credits: Rampastring, aside from DDrawCompat)
    • You can now configure your keyboard hotkeys from the client (Options -> Game -> Configure Hotkeys)
    • Added DDrawCompat renderer (Credits: narzoul)
    • Renderers are now listed in Resources\Renderers.ini, allowing you to customize the renderers without modifying the client's source code
    • Several small enhancements and bug-fixes related to LAN and CnCNet online play
    • Fixed: The Game Type drop-down is no longer drawn below the Tech Level drop-down when it's open

  • Updated spawner. For changes, see
    • Some of the changes seem experimental, so there could be bugs related to online play

In order to download it, you must have Tiberian Sun Client 5.30 or higher and use the auto-update tool that comes with it. You can discuss and get some support for it by using this topic at our forums.

Posted by Banshee
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Updated Blender templates for building creators.
January 30, 2018 - 00:29

A couple of days ago, DonutArnold has posted a new version of the Blender templates, for those who are modelling buildings for Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Dawn. These templates makes the rendering procedures (and lighting details) much easier to deal with. Anyway, here are the changes with the latest Cycles 1.02 template:

Cycles version 1.02 changes:
-Smoother AA, was quite sharp
-Improved lighting
-Added Denoiser (requires Blender version 2.79)
-Added background texture to give more realistic touch with the materials and blue tint for glossy materials
-Fixed shadow cast on objects by removing a node that broke it and added gamma node to correct brightness/shadow ratio
-Fixed grainy shadow frames which also had dark blue colors
-Fixed lighting affecting other scenes (thanks to Blender Foundation) (requires Blender versio 2.79)

And a Red Alert 2 template result of it:

Head to this topic to download it and for further instructions on how to use it.

Posted by Banshee
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Ares 1.0 has been released!
January 28, 2018 - 03:54

AlexB has finally released Ares 1.0, which extends the modding limits of your Yuri's Revenge extensively. This specific version finally allows you to save games and resume them later. Here's the complete announcement from AlexB about it:

Mission Accomplished: Ares 1.0 officially out

Today Ares reached a huge milestone: Ares 1.0, which finally restores support for savegames, has been officially released to the public.

Savegame related buttons in the menus have been enabled again, and using them to load a saved game will no longer crash. This was the last big missing piece to make Ares a superset of the original game, that is using Ares no longer takes away a fundamental feature the original Yuri's Revenge had.

Ares thus now officially leaves the implicit preview stage denoted by a zero in front of the version number, about 10 years after development of a replacement for RockPatch started in 2008. This is only a symbolic act though, as even in the preview stage the expansion dll was quite stable for all it added to and changed in Yuri's Revenge. Sometimes adding or adjusting minor things, sometimes turning large chunks of the game upside down.

No new features to announce here today. Maybe MissileSpawn now working on buildings. Again, there were some fixes for bugs, several stability improvements, optimizations and minor changes. This version should be more stable than the last, and it should in any case be a good base for future releases.

Thanks to all testers over all those years, who dedicated their free time to try out new logics and report numerous bugs and other issues. Thanks for confirming bugs as well as bugfixes, for proposing new features and voicing your opinions to improve them.

Finally, have fun with Ares 1.0 and savegames working again!

And that's it, my friends. Happy modding! And a big thanks for AlexB and all others who helped to make this dream possible. For further information, check the links below:


Posted by Banshee
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