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Privacy Policy
August 23, 2003 - 00:08

Here's our privacy policy:

1) PPM is no business.

- PPM is made for the fun of visitors and members. This means that we don't have any commercial objectives and we do not seek your money. We do not collect/sell/care about/distribute/ any kind of private information about you. You are not obligated to put any kind of true information about you and anything personal.

2) (File/documents/data/any sort of material) (uploaded/distributed/posted) by fans is from the one(s) who made it.

- Any files that you create and/or post here is from the person (or group) who created it, including files uploaded in tutorials, maps, 3d models, files submitted to mod projects, etc... By submitting a file here, you allow everyone to download it (unless otherwise stated by yourself) and modify it as long as the original creator is credited (also, unless the original author states another rule for the file he submits). Also, by submitting the file here, you must make sure that you have authorization by the creator of the file to distribute it/ see it/expose it to everyone.

3) We don't put any harmful cookies.

- Our site uses the cookies from phpBB forums. The information on this cookie is used exclusively by phpBB forums used in PPM. Nothing else will use this info unless someone hacks into your computer or some malicious site use some bug from your navigator to view it. The information contained in your cookies will NEVER be seen by any other visitor, member or site administrator. However, some places may contain advertisements from Google, who is responsible for their own cookies (they are beyond our control).

4) Forum passwords are top secret to everyone, members, guests, visitors and site administrators.

- No one can see your password, even if you hack into our MySQL, because it's encrypted and neither the forums knows how to decrypt it. So, do not reveal it to anyone if you want no one to use it.

5) IPs, hostnames are not of our business if you don't do anything wrong.

- We will not distribute your IP, hostname or any other online data around if you do not try to hack us or any network near us (currently: Revora, TiberiumWeb, etc...) . This kind of data is used only to detect the person who hacked and how to avoid it happening again.

6) If the rules above change, we will post the change in the announcements forum or in a reply here.

If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions on how to improve it, feel free to post comments about it.

Posted by Banshee
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