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November 14, 2004 - 07:49

here i will post an overview of what this mod aims as a minimum Wink:

    New Sound effects ranging from things such as explosions to building deploy/select sounds.

    Many new detailed & designed maps that will include mod additions such as new types of tiberium tree's & such, lending new strategies & gameplay.

    New models, ranging from Voxels to buildings, the mod will include many new units, buildings, infantry etc, & amany replacements to give a whole new feel & era to the game.

    A new, in depth storyline that is proven by the many additions to the game. (including new units/buildings/indigenous tiberium lifeforms)

    The possibility of a new single player campaign, complete with missions that follow the storyline of the mod. Possible that i will make campaigns for both Nod, GDI & even Mutants if possible.

    The mod will implement two totally new teams; The Forgotten & CABAL, the game will aim for new gameplay & stategy, yet at the same time balance & eye candy.

    Totally new superweapons , new superweapons which lend more of a treat than the original superweapons.

    Due to civilians researching for themselves & their own safety, capturing certain civilian buildings may be of definite benefit to you, including new technologies or abilities. (although a common idea, it truly does make gameplay alot more fun).

    New 'theme' based maps which lend a whole new realm of multiplayer fun Wink Such as 'sole survivor' mode where you may start with a hero type unit or if you wish a regular unit where you must outwit the enemy or simply gather strength by searching crates, the possibilities of game modes in maps is endless!

    New animations & edits of original TS included items will introduce more variety & fun to the game.

    Atleast 2 new tiberium types are planned, which will be available in then ew maps (& in normal maps where aboreus was placed there may be new tiberium), including grey & burgandy type tiberiums, along with their own new sprouting tree/bush/fona.

    New soundtrack music, either different westwood songs/edited westwood songs, or even my own custom/granted songs for use which will lend more enjoyability to the music in tiberian sun.

    & whatever else i think of... Very Happy
    Please tell me what you think of my idea's... Wink

Posted by j4m3sb0nd
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