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Mixing and Matching vehicle bodies and turrets
July 16, 2003 - 17:29

Ok this is an easy way to create new units, and it it just plain cool!

(You need XCC Mixer and Mix Editor for this)

First, create the new unit in Rules.ini like normal and include Turret=yes

To make sure the game uses the right body,
also include Image=VEHICLECODENAME     (ex. 4TNK)

then just extract the hva and vxl of the turret you want and the barrel(s)(if there is any)
rename the vxl and hva files to:

              vehiclecodename+tur.vxl          (ex. 4tnktur)
              vehiclecodename+barl.vxl         (ex. 4tnkbarl)

(be sure to leave out the +'s; they are just there to help you)

Open Mix Editor and insert your new files into expandxx.mix.
Now you  *should* have a new unit!

This works because although you have Image=VEHICLECODENAME,
the new files will overwrite this

if you are successful, please post a screenshot of your new unit Very Happy

I hope my very first tutorial was helpful
if you get confused, please post Smile

Posted by Mike430
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