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OS: HVA Builder 2.18 and OS: Voxel Viewer 1.84!
November 16, 2017 - 03:36

Hello everyone! Today we are releasing new versions of two tools at once, again. Both OS: HVA Builder and OS: Voxel Viewer were updated (just in time for my birthday... err on the US Pacific Time Zone... which does not reflects my location at all). Anyway, today's features are very interesting, since both programs can be used to simulate the results of TurretOffset and PrimaryFireFLH tags (and more). Actually, much more. OS: HVA Builder was the big star of the day again and OS: Voxel Viewer has been updated as a bonus.

The current version of Open Source HVA Builder allows you to do everything that Stucuk's 2.2 work in progress version allows, except for screenshoting the whole directory, which is something that, by design, I won't add to the HVA Builder (maybe I'll add it to the OS: Voxel Viewer). Show Grid, Show Section Center, changing Palette (ok, in Preferences), Fire FLH simulation... it's all in 2.18. The other design changes were the way sections are highlighted and that default remaps are still red (I won't change it to white, in respect to other OS tools).

Here's the Open Source: HVA Builder 2.18's change log:

revisions by Banshee

- Updated: Voxel Engine updated to 1.50.
- Updated: Highlight section behavior has been overhauled. First of all, it is no longer red. Instead, it makes all other sections transparent and it also shows bounds size as a distinguishable transparent box. This option is no longer enabled by default.
- Added: Draw Grid. You can now add a transparent grid to the scene that gives you a reference of size. It works like a ground and you can even customize it by replacing GridTile.png inside Textures/Ground/ with another png file. If you want your image to repeat indefinitely, you must add Tile at the end of its name (like in GridTile.png).
- Added: Draw Section Center. You can now add another 3 axis to the scene at the center of the selection section.
- Added: Tools -> Simulators -> Turret Offset. You can now simulate the result of the TurretOffset tag used in art.ini/artfs.ini/artmd.ini in your model by playing with this option.
- Added: Tools -> Simulators -> Fire FLH Simulation and Draw FLH Bullet. You can now simulate the result of the PrimaryFireFLH, SecondaryFireFLH and other related tags used in art.ini/artfs.ini/artmd.ini in your model by playing with this option. Note that, at this moment, this tool may not work correctly with multi-sectioned bodies, like Mammoth Mark II.
- Bug Fix: Back face culling now works only in the voxel models. We’ve also fixed some lighting issues with Draw Center Lines/Draw Section Center.
- Bug Fix: Voxel Rendering engine has received several bug fixes.

Open Source: Voxel Viewer 1.84 has received a Fire FLH coordinates simulation as well and all rendering fixes from OS: HVA Builder 2.18. I think that the screenshot above says all. Here's the change log:

revisions by Banshee:

- Updated: Voxel Engine updated to 1.50.
- Added: Fire FLH Coordinates and Draw Fire FLH Bullet. You can now simulate the result of the PrimaryFireFLH, SecondaryFireFLH and other related tags used in art.ini/artfs.ini/artmd.ini in your model by playing with this option. Note that, at this moment, this tool may not work correctly with multi-sectioned bodies, like Mammoth Mark II.
- Fixed: Turret Offset is now reliable and it has been shorten to a single axis.
- Fixed: Back face culling now works only in the voxel models. We’ve also fixed some lighting issues with Draw Center Lines/Draw Section Center.
- Fixed: Voxel Rendering engine has received several bug fixes.

You can download OS: HVA Builder 2.18 and OS Voxel Viewer 1.84 here or at the left menu of this site. If you run a website, feel free to also mirror these tools there. Enjoy it!

Posted by Banshee
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Open Source HVA Builder 2.14 has been released!
November 08, 2017 - 06:32

Howdy! We have more news today and this is a good one! Two new updated programs at once. The big deal is with the newest version of Open Source HVA Builder 2.14, although Open Source Voxel Viewer 1.83 also goes as a bonus.

Ok, I know some of you might be aware that we are not talking about a state of the art version of the HVA Builder, since stucuk was working on a 2.2 work in progress version. Unfortunately, he did not distribute the source code of his version yet, so I couldn't use it. From the features of his version, 2.14 only fixes the View Transform. But it comes with its own modest set of features as well. Here's the change log:

revisions by Banshee:

- Updated: Voxel Engine updated to 1.40.
- Added: You can now cap the rendering speed of the program up to 60 fps. It prevents it from unnecessarily burn your gpu and battery. FPS cap is enabled by default, but you can disable it in the Preferences -> Rendering Options.
- Added: You can change the palette in the Preferences -> Palette Options, using palettes from the TS and RA2 directories. The game is also determined by you, by choosing it near the Preferences in the menu.
- Bug Fix: View Transform now works correctly.
- Bug Fix: If you've downloaded the 2.13, the rendered voxel always update when you change something on the interface or on the voxel itself.
- Bug Fix: Additional memory leaks were fixed with screenshots, voxel sections and voxel views.
- Bug Fix: 360 degree animation no longer has blank frames.
- Bug Fix: A minor issue with 360 degree animation rotation has been fixed. The rotation starts after the first frame.
- Note: Despite versions 2.13 and 2.14 were coded from 2.1 the code (instead of 2.12), all features from 2.11 and 2.12 are valid for 2.14. This version does not have the features from 2.2 WIP 1 from stucuk, since its source code has never gone public.

This version also marks the first OS: HVA Builder that is in our SVN, together with OS: Voxel Viewer and Voxel Section Editor III at the same repository.

Since OS: HVA Builder shares the same Voxel Engine with OS: Voxel Viewer, we also have a quick update on the OS: Voxel Viewer itself. But, truth to be told, I don't think anyone will see any difference in this version. Except for the updated help file.

Anyway, here's OS: Voxel Viewer 1.83's change log as well:

revisions by Banshee:

- Fixed: Rotation does not move in the first frame of a 360 degree animation.
- Improved: Updated with Voxel Engine 1.40. It eliminates a couple of memory leaks.

And now, you no longer need to apply quick patches for the OS: HVA Builder. You can grab 2.14 in a single package. OS Voxel Viewer 1.83 can be downloaded here. If you run a website, feel free to also mirror these tools there. Enjoy it!

Posted by Banshee
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OpenRA Tutorials Database is now open with 41 tutorials!
November 06, 2017 - 18:06

Ladies and gentlemen, resuming our previous news post, we are glad to announce the recently opened OpenRA Tutorials Database.

It starts fresh with 41 tutorials that may aid you to modify OpenRA, allowing you to make an interesting mod or even a game from it. Surprisingly enough, at least 12 of these tutorials were written before OpenRA has gone public. Is it a time paradox? He who commands the future, conquers the past? Actually, no. That happens because some of these tutorials were written from Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun, some public graphics tool or they are just graphics based tutorials with tips and knowledge that may help you with certain aspects of OpenRA modding. However, OpenRA offers some challenges that our other covered games doesn't. It is a work in progress project and it may receive changes that may render some of these tutorials obsolete. If you find out that  any of these tutorials are obsolete, please, warn us and, depending on how much obsolete it is, we may remove it from the OpenRA Tutorials Database.

Also, we'd like to invite everyone to post new tutorials here. It may receive feedback from our members and help many of them to improve their skills. And enjoy it!

Posted by Banshee
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Key Words Update at PPM Forums: Tutorials Forums Upgraded!
November 06, 2017 - 04:25

Hello everyone! We've been working on the Key Words feature for our forums since january 2016 to improve the organization of the content generated here. Progress has been slow on that one because my main focus is still my doctorate (and yea, that nightmare is not over yet).

One of the main milestones was the launch of search by key words in the last year. At that time, we have also coded a feature that would display forum posts with posts with certain the key words in a specific forum. But at that time, it was bugged and this is why that experience was restricted only to OS SHP Builder Documentation and Tutorials, where practically nobody posted anything anyway. During this year, we had a couple of attempts to fix it. But now we are glad to announce that this feature works. And yea, it makes our tutorials forums much more friendly.

To have a better idea of what I am talking about, take a look at the Media Hut Tutorials Forum. You'll see there topics that were posted at Media Hut Tutorials and topics from other forums with the Key Words #Tutorials #Media. We have also applied this feature to our:

- Tiberian Sun Tutorials Factory,
- Red Alert 2 Tutorials Vault,
- Generals Tutorials Warehouse,
- Command & Conquer 3 Blue Zone Tutorials,
- Red Alert 3 Red Army Tutorials,
- OS SHP Builder Documentation and Tutorials,
- Voxel Section Editor III Tutorials.

And we can now use it to start tutorial forums for other games, without being intimidating empty forums. For instance, a tutorial forum for OpenRA could start with 39 tutorials in its first day according to this old news post. Expect one soon.

Consider it our late birthday gift for this site, because the cake is never enough Wink.

Posted by Banshee
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