Fixing Component Tower Bug
July 03, 2003 - 17:05
:: Fixing The Component Tower Problem Of GDI AI::

The component tower problem consists on having GDI AI building a very high number of useless Component Towers without upgrade. It doesnt happens in the majority of the mods, but when it happens, people usually take ages until they found out how to fix it. This tutorial will teach you a quite fast way to solve it.

GDI AI Base Defense Building:

Due to hard-coded issues, the GDI AI was programmed to build one component tower and one defense structure on it. The component tower is defined in the line WallTower= (in the hack section at the beggining of the rules.ini) and the defense structures are all those who have the line IsBaseDefense=yes and are owned by GDI. All these defense structures require the line PowersUpBuilding= set to the component tower to work properly at an AI base. So, AI build the component tower and upgrades on component towers for all their defensive structures. If you have defensive structures that isn't an upgrade from Component Tower but has the line IsBaseDefense=yes, AI will fail when it tries to build it and it will retry the operation by building another component tower for it and will fail again, and will retry, fail, etc.

The Recommended Solution:

If you still want to have a defensive structure that doesn't depends on component tower, remove the line IsBaseDefense=yes and AIBuildThis=yes. This might fix your problem, but AI won't build it.