How To Write A PKT File
June 22, 2009 - 21:42
Spurred because Hogo was asking me about them today. It did occur to me that not everyone knows what this file is or does.

To put it simply, it controls what maps are present in skirmish and multiplayer when they have the MAP extension. This is not necessary with maps that have the MPR or YRM extension.

Anyway, the basic set up is much like that of the vehicles array from the rules in that there is an array with the map objects listed as part of it and then the full object is detailed later.

A PKT is very simple to create: make a new text file and rename it to modname.pkt. The name is not important but it does help with determining the origin of the file.

The file starts with the [MultiMaps] section.

As such;
... and so on

Then you need to create a definition for the map.

As such;
GameMode=standard, meatgrind

[SOMEMAP1] defines the name of your map file. Works the same as graphics linking.

Description specifies which CSF string is used for display in the map list.

CD specifies which disc is required to play the map.
NOTE In the example, I use all 3 and suggest you do the same for sanity.

MinPlayers defines the minimum number of players for this map.
MaxPlayers defines the opposite of MinPlayers. This cannot exceed 8.

GameMode defines the modes, from mpmodes(md).ini, in which this map will be available for play.