October 11, 2012 - 19:36
I wasn't initially planning to make another preview version, but I've got all the AI defensive and all basic offensive teams completed, so it should be able to put up a fight now. This will allow me to finish rest of the AI without having to rush it. Expect alot more sneaky things from the final AI, this one will mostly try to bulldoze over you.

Also compared to the last preview there are 62 new community maps (adjusted for Reform), few new units, musics and soundeffects. And alot of other changes.

The last few things that are unfinished in this preview 2 are:

- Flame Warrior doesn't have attack frames yet
- Nod Cluster and Chemical missile aren't properly coded in yet, and they will get new graphics
- Offensive AI has only the "basic" attacks, none of the faction specific or more advanced tricks

Download link below

--- Download Reform preview 2 ---...