Aircraft Wars in PPM: Final Dawn
April 07, 2003 - 15:41
One of the special things that PPM will have (and Westwood games doesnt have enough) are a special ballance for aircraft wars. Aircrafts are commonly used in the current wars like the ones against Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, etc... The aircrafts from Westwood were usually limited to few types and few defenses. PPM will expand it completely to a new style of war. We will not have only bombers and fighters, but aircrafts specially made against infantry, vehicles, buildings, multiple units even non-reloadable ones (yea, unlimmited ammo), transports, spy planes, etc.... Sure, each side will have their advantages and disadvantages on it. GDI will have one of the most complete arsenals, but the other sides will ways to counter strike it as well. Nod, for example, will have the best defence. TDL will have the good vehicles for it too and Cyborg will be well protected with infantry.

The point is not to have players building defensive buildings desesperately, but people building vehicles and infantry to support the defensive structures. The current vehicles and infantries from Tiberian Sun that hit air units air extremely inneficient. In PPM there will be cheap and inefficient (so, only groups might do a real damage... enough to kill some aircrafts) and there will be some other units that are not that cheap, but will hurt groups, specially if the player builds groups of them. The best way to counter-strike it will be the land vehicles, but the aircrafts will also be usefull. That's why it will have tankbusting aircrafts and others specially made against vehicles. Some sides will have Paralyzer, an aircraft that fires EMP at units, so huge defenses will be deactivated by these fragile units that are easy to be killed.

That's why we are improving that aircraft arsenal in PPM and ways to counter-strike it. We believe that in Tiberian Sun, air strikes were constantly used due to the inefficience of the ballanced from Westwood and we are ready to change this reality.