December 04, 2004 - 15:00
Well, im contemplating Mutants not having a 3rd side due to realism; I just bought Firestorm & it seems Tratos dies in the expansion pack, the mutants dwindle in numbers & are strewn, how would they manage their own army with utter confidence? Thus, i come to the conclusion that they merely lend hands in operations & GDI.

So here is my storyline to accompany how The Forgotten survive in the coming days;

Fate Of The Forgotten:
Tratos is dead, the mutant order is jumbed in chaos, without a leader, The Forgotten are truly on the path of being forgotten, with each day the mutant faction grows weaker, in this time of fear one would think that The Forgotten know better than to break away aimlessly.

However in these times of loss, the respected remnants of The Forgotten still battle to grasp a foothold on their future, & while the number dwindle, there is still a fighting force left in the mutant factions, the respected friends of Tratos are keen on keeping the mutant order in continuation, Umagon & Ghost Stalker both seek unity amongst their people.

Umagon has deep ties with GDI, the best hope of unity for The Forgotten in her eyes is to enroll all those who remain in the cause of the mutants to help the GDI with the technological researches & malitia in any ways possible, the mutants by prerequisite now place their future in the sole hands of GDI's care, it is their wisest, & in these times, their only choice for a united survival.

Nod continues to unravel mysteries of the tiberium world; but not for survival, rather, for their own twisted & terrible uses, they continue to ravage the land with lethally advanced tiberium related technologies, while Nod seems to feel at home when assumed as the most technologically tiberium indulged faction, it is in fact the mutants, who are capable of rivalling this title.

For the most part GDI has lacked any tiberium related malitia & technologies, but the mutants are quite keen on introducing their research to the cause of GDI; for once GDI will have a chance to show Nod that you dont have to be 'blessed in the spirit hand of Kane' to wield the potence of Tiberium in all its entity.

This is the fate of The Forgotten, perhaps by choice, but one cannot deny that fate calls upon this conclusion amongst the last of the Mutant faction, who knows what tommorow brings for their people....