November 25, 2007 - 02:29
I just posted this in anther topic, I thought I'd add it here too for the future.

Download the XCC aud writer, and use it as a plugin for winamp.
Download Winamp for free on the winamp site, http://www.winamp.com/

When the Aud writer plugin is activated, any songs you play in winamp will be copied in aud format, into a folder that you designate.

Then extract theme.ini and make a proper entry for the song


Name=Song name

; Name = display name of the theme
; Length = length of the theme (in minutes)
; Normal = Is it available through the in-game theme play list (def=yes)?
; Scenario = the scenario when the theme becomes available (def=0)
; Side = which side [or sides] get to hear this theme
; Repeat = Does this theme always loop (def=no)

* remember that the decimal is in hundredths of a minute not in seconds. To calculate the decimal, take the seconds and multiply it by 1.666, round up to the nearest hundredth...