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Alternative Method for Cameo's without PaintShop Pro
December 21, 2003 - 16:48

Creator:  G10N89TS (If any one else have used this method before I didn't know, I found while I was testing ways to get rid of the palette problem)

Difficulty: Very easy

This is actually very easy. This is how it goes. You require:


1.  Use XCC Mixer to open up the TIBSUN Mix file. Then find any cameo that looks good with the cameo palette on.

2   Extract it as a PCX to any directory.

3   Make the cameo you want using paint. Paint is easy since you can paste any graphical file in it. Save it as .BMP

4   Open up the exicting Cameo that was extracted in #2

5   It will probally look up very huge, but that isn't important. Make sure it is in the subprogram in which you can copy parts of it.

6   Click File > Open. Then select the .BMP in which you have the Bitmap icon stored.

7   Save it as a TIFF Document (.tif)

8   Exit the program.

9   Go to XCC Mixer and go to the file.

10  Right click the file and go to Clipboard. Then select the option Paste as SHP (TS).

Now you have a correct cameo using Bitmap and with no pallette problems if you have selct an cameo like buggyicon.shp

Posted by G10N89TS
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