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How to make units explode on Deploy
April 20, 2003 - 01:41

Ok make a buiding that can deploy say a demo truck


Now specify GADEMO in the art.ini but give it an active animations with the tags

Rate=500 ;make it quite high
Damage=10000 ; Also make it high

Now when you deploy the unit its own active animation will destroy it #Tongue, you may think well how is this of any help, well if u give the GADEMO building Explodes=yes and Explosion=*[being the special nuke explosion]* then you can give ur demo truck the same weapon when it explodes as when u deploy it JUST like the RA1 demo truck.

Of course this tutorial isnt for adding the demo truck but u can use this tutorial in conjuntion with a demo truck just for example, you could also use it for a MAD tank if u can figure out how to make both Nuke and MAD weapons to work right (DamageRadius= dont work)

Posted by SMIFFGIG
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