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Return of the Dawn Downloads
October 30, 2004 - 19:07

RotD 2.8.7 is up. Win98/ME compatibility is NOT required for 2.8.5 or newer! Updating older versions to 2.8.5 or higher is highly recommended!

ROTD 2.8.5(a)/2.8.6 to 2.8.7 Patch

Hybrid 2.8.5a lite/update (can also be used to update any previous 2.8x full releases)
ROTD 2.8.5a lite/update (most music removed)

ROTD 2.8.5 Full

Mirror #1 (currently 2.8.5a only):

To all webmasters: Feel free to mirror this download, there's no permission needed.
But please, if you do NOT want to mirror it yourself, don't directly link to this file, instead link to PPM's main page. Thanks.

You can find some (older) screenshots in this topic:

Posted by Reaperrr
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