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Map Archive Rules. Read it before posting a map.
May 20, 2003 - 15:38

The purpose of map archive is to people exchange their maps. You post and download maps and you can also comment them. It's simple and good if you wanna improve your mapping skills. However, it needs organization. So, here's the basic:

- One map per post, please. So, when the visitor opens the forum, he will know exactly the ammount of maps we have and how to get it.

- Map title must include the name of the map and the number of players between ( ) at the end, and whether it needs TS, FS or TX between [ ] at the front.

- Only include finished map. If you wanna help to solve problems on your map, post the map in TS Editing Forum and ask help there.

- A Map preview is welcomed by those who wanna download your map. Make sure you include one or include a very good description with it.

- You are free to update your map whenever you wish in the same topic of the older one, but please, reply the original topic saying people that you updated it.

- Feel free to post comments, but remember that forum rules are applied here. So, no flames, illegal discussion, bla bla bla, etc etc....

I hope it becomes a good resource of maps and you guys enjoy it. Have fun!

Posted by Banshee
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