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Project New Tiberia Age Screenshots
November 02, 2003 - 03:46

Project: New Tiberia Age is composed of 3 sides: deGeneration, Evolution and NewTiberiaAge. Note: Click in the pictures for full size.

The side above is the deGeneration which replaces the GDI in the game. deGeneration has a huge ammount of long ranged, but slow firing units. It also uses the traditional GDI superweapons and aircraft. This side seems to be umballanced in regards to visceroids, which is extremely cheap and extremely efficient for its price.

The side above is the Evolution. Composed mainly of robotic units, this side replaces Nod. When playing against this side, pay an special attention for Cyborg Commando as it seems to be a way stronger than any other unit around, but still not hard to be killed. This side uses the traditional superweapons and aircraft from Nod.

New Tiberia Age is the newest side and it consist of mutant units and technology. It also has 2 ion cannon shooters which deserve special attention when you play against them. They have a completely new tech tree and many completely new structures, but not a single superweapon... but with a mobile ion cannon launcher, who needs a superweapon?

Posted by Banshee
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