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Red Alert 2 Archives
October 01, 2007 - 03:32

Welcome to the Red Alert 2 Archives. This section showcases many of the beta screenshots from Westwood back in april to september, 2000. This material may surprise many people since the quality of some beta assets are actualy much superior than the final release. Why these assets were removed is unknown to us, but we know that there are many modders who want to reproduce them in their mod.

One of them, BrianPrime, author of PreRA2 was the person who collected all this material from gaming sites and corporates to make this section become a reality. I hope it is useful for you and many other modders.


-> April 2000 Teasers
-> E3 Showcase
-> Scrapped Logos and BoxArt
-> Icelan Public Beta
-> September 2000 Teasers (1/3)
-> September 2000 Teasers (2/3)
-> September 2000 Teasers (3/3)

Posted by Banshee
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