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Resizing Shps
April 22, 2003 - 06:02

Author: tibmaker
XCC Mixer
Shp Files
This is the simplest tutorial I have ever done. Open XCC Mixer and find the file you want changed. Do what I did in the tutorial about Converting Shps to Red Alert 2 pallet unless it is not units or structures. If it is some other thing other than units or structures you need to find the correct pallet for that file. Then you select Copy (just copy, nothing more, nothing less) on the Shp and you put that copy in the Red Alert 2 directory. Get XCC open again and find that copy. Right click it and at the bottom it has resize. Click resize and you could resize it to anything you want. Try not to do Red Alert stuff though because it looks like crap after you resized it.

Posted by tibmaker
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